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Wanton Song -- Zeppelin

--------------------    --------    ----------------------------------
--------------------    --1--2--    ----------------------------------
--------------------    --1--2--    ------------7---6---5---3---------
-------5-5-----5-5--    --1--2--    --------3-------------------------
--------------------    --------    --3-4-5---5---5---4---3---1-------
---3-3-----3-3------    --1--2--    ----------------------------------
play this four times    then this
then this 4X again                    then this

bridge: (this bit's tough to get sounding good on one guitar
         coz Page double-tracks so much)
  Fm        Bb7-9     Cm7        C7-9

   Dm7sus2      Am7                Gm7
   repeat this a few times
   (I've put some notes in brackets that are "representative" ... a
        different thing gets played each time)

that reverse fade roaring guitar ....

Guitar solo over Bb-C-F-Gm, then that reverse fade bit, then last verse.

Thanks to the original poster.

Paul Z
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