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Tea For One ---- 3/4 blues in Cm

8 bars of Cm
8 bars of Fm
8 bars of Cm
4 bars of Gm (first bar is actually 2 beats of Fm and one beat of Gm)
2 bars of Fm
2 bars of Bb
back to Cm

Cm Fm Gm Bb

riff played over Cm every so often
...let notes ring (that F has to go back down to Eb)

same riff played over Fm

Bb Cm
riff played at the end of each verse

Every so often a verse is played like this:
--3--5-----3--5----------3--5---------- Play twice

--8--10----8--10---3--5---------------- Play once, then the above bit

This is an arpeggio bit This is the familiar riff ...
similar to what Pagey
plays each time through

Thanks to the original poster.

Paul Z
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