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Outpouring of light
Consciousness erupts
The boundaries of our minds
Is our path forsaken
Of our universe
What coheres matter
Forming gas and solids
Or the breath of life
Enlightened forms realize
Their master seek ascendance
Return their rightful home
All vibration seeking faster movement
Calms the pain and brings us closer still

You and I must journey to a place where still resides
Our souls in evolution must bring us close to

Organized forms of matter from one source arise
Through linking eternal forces the trust freedom lies
As one we strive for justice, karmic laws still survive
As harmonic vortex light and sound lead us home

Running through fields of vision, where misery must roam
Our once romantic vision of soul must lead us home

Leads to/our heaven/makes our matter pure
Everlasting/ascent is now made pure
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