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IR>hmm.... well this is a hard song.. I only know a few parts of it. Most
IR>of that song was used for improvisastion, so as a consequence, I
IR>improvise a lot when I play it myself, but there are a few parts that
IR>are the same.

IR>Opening chord


IR>Main riff ~~~~~~~~
IR>e| ) )
IR>b| 4 8^7^6 7 7 6 )
IR>g| 7 6 5 3

IR> Most of the main riff is just playing around this...


IR>Then you play some improvised stuff

IR>During the solo, there's one little "quiet part."
IR> __
IR>e| ) ) ) \ ) X
IR>b| 17 15 17 17 17 15 17 15 X
IR>g| 17 15 (15) 15 X
IR> __ ~~~~~~
IR>e| ) \
IR>b| 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 15
IR>g| 15 16

IR> And then there's more solo. Well, that's all of this song I know.. I
IR>hope I could help.

this is by Led Zeppelin... it is off of the album Coda
and Led Zeppelin I...
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