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Heres heartbreaker its just the 2 part intro but when it isnt playin the intro try 
improvising with some stuff from Livin Lovin Maid or Bring It on home.

d     0 1 2          0 1 2
a 0 3         0000 3
e           3              3

and thats how the first part goes so far its pretty easy you should be using all ur fingers 
there execpt for your pinky and your thumb of course(never use your thumb) but for this next 
part use everything but your thumb like always.

d   0 2 3 4        0 2 3 4
a 2           2222
e           5              5

 and thats how heartbreaker goes and for that second part remember to use all of your 4  
fingers it might be hard at first but it will improve your teqniqe. if you have any 
comments email me at voodoo_child_hendrix@hotmail.com
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