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Intro [maestro fresh wes]
When Iím kickingthe mic mechanism
Here we gothe mic mechanism
What Iím kickingthe mic mechanism
What Iím kickingthe mic mechanism

Chorus [d.i.t.c.]
Fresh wes yíallis on the mic mechanism
Fresh wes yíallis on the mic mechanism
Fresh wes yíallis on the mic mechanism
Fresh wes yíallis on the mic mechanism

[maestro fresh wes] (d.i.t.c.)
Fresh wes is on the mic mechtrying to catch wreck
Check the way I step to the setthen I gotta jet
Heckchicks are getting kind of sexual
Always getting spectaclesglueing íem to my testicle
Do yourself a favour donít step to the (fresh guy)
Like tlc I put my jimmy in your (left eye)
Ainít to proud to begbeg for this
Iím gonna catch wreckbreak a couple of necks
Cash a couple of checksfor the rhyme put together with the beat
(showbiz) put together forthe streets and the jeeps
Fresh w-e to the s is (nice yo)
Donít say my name unless you going to say (maestro)
Calling me an amateur Iíll damage ya
Suckers saying (naaahdis kid canít be from canada)<-showbiz?
Thatís what they all sayafter I slay
Iím 5 foot 10but Iím a giant like my brohter dre
The way I rock around yayou want to shift to this
Light a spliff to thisand like jehovah witnesses
Knock on my doorbeggin for more
Of my verbal acrobatics and my metaphor
I make the ghetto rawI ainít new to this
And when I see a fat gluteus Iím studious
Fresh wes is on the rhymeshowbiz is on the rhythmn
Kicking mad flavour (on the mic mechanism)


[maestro fresh wes] (d.i.t.c.)
Itís a protege of poetryyou itís me
Your hoes are be saying"please stay"
But is it jodeci? no you see
Itís funky fresh wes with the riddle
Like robin givens skins want to make the big toast
Hot (like a panther)always serious as (cancer)
Getting crazy legsI never was a break (dancer)
Iíll enhance the set (yep)
Fresh w-e-s is in effect
Iím throwing billy in the oceankicking joan in the river
ícause when I flowlyrics I deliver
I give ya my flavourwhen I terrify and horrify
Like carl lewisyour shit doníe even qualify
(so stand back and watch the man rapjack on the mic)
I making suckers uptightjust like a strike
>from amtrakstages are sparked well
Coaching like art shell
Doper than a south american cartel
Iím on a mission with my funky compositions
Kicking mad falour on (the mic mechanism)


When Iím kicking the mic mechanism x4

[maestro fresh wes] (d.i.t.c.)
Iím not a captainbut chicks like to kneel to feel
The real steel when I revealthey say (wheel)
And they eyesbe on the size gee
But donít try to milk meor even homogenize me
I pasterize trying to skim through my papes I carry thee
Marry me for my salarygiving up your mammaries (naaah)
That ainít my type of eventor how my money is spent
I ainít babyface payiní no rent
Thatís on the corny wackbrady bunch
Leave it to beaverwally tip
My bozak ainít dangerousso stop playing like marley
Gripskip to another louie or dewie or ronnie
Donnie youíre johnny babyyo kick that to tommy
The softer guyslost their eyesoff the prize
So stop the liesyouíre wise or youíre ostrosize
Drop your drawslift the jaws
Because Iím in effect like das and dmcpause
The style I kick is uncategorical
Youíre prehistoricalgo check the oracle
Damn Iím metaphorical
Iím on a mission with my funky compositions
Kickingí mad flavour (on the mic mechanism)

Chorus x2

When Iím kicking the mic mechanism x4
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