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I'm just a happy kid
Stuck with the heart of a sad punk
Drowning in my id
Always searching like it's on junk
No matter who i hang out with
I can hear the clack clunk
Of the chains that pull the cars up
The roller coaster mountain top so high
When it comes down it shoots back up
Straight back to the sky
I gotta laugh and then i'm asleep
And then i walk around and wanna cry
Out at night to do the strand
The little candles make the bottles glow
Got ink all over my right hand
Getting crushes with no chance to grow
It's like i'll never ever land
There's always too much sun
Or too much snow
I get slow days and no days
I get rusty and it's hard
But i get notions that oceans
Are coming to my call
You can learn to get along
I'm just a happy kid
Stuck with the heart of an old punk
Drowning in my id
Always hungry like it's on junk
I'm just a happy kid

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