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Lauryn Hill Drops ‘Lose Myself” on Surf’s Up Soundtrack

Posten on: 2008-08-09 04:12:44

Columbia Records will release Surf's Up (Music From The Motion Picture), the soundtrack album from the animated film, "Surf's Up," on Tuesday, June 5. "Surf's Up," the highly anticipated animated comedy from Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation, opens nationwide on Friday, June 8. Surf's Up (Music From The Motion Picture) premieres several brand-new songs, including "Lose Myself," from the multi-platinum and Grammy-winning recording artist Ms. Lauryn Hill, as well as new tracks from 311, Sugar Ray, Ken Andrews, Nine Black Alps, and Big Nose (featuring Jonny Polonsky and members of Rage Against The Machine). "We are thrilled to be a part of the return of Ms. Lauryn Hill!," exclaimed Liza Richardson, an avid surfer, DJ, and music supervisor for "Surf's Up." "Apparently, she related to Big Z's story -- reaching the top, checking out for a while, doing some soul searching and re-emerging with joy -- and wrote and recorded a real celebratory summer jam session for 'Surf' Up.' We're glad to have Lauryn back where she belongs!" Listen to Lose Myself

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Lauryn Hill upset at becoming a fashion role model

Posten on: 2008-07-04 21:41:42

Singer Lauryn Hill is still sore about her once unique style being copied by young black women - because she never signed up to become a fashion icon. The Ready Or Not singer hates seeing clones of herself because she feels fans are stealing her spirit. She says, "Fashion is something I breathe... It's something I did very naturally, but I've seen my style, my look, everywhere. I wasn't really trying to share my style. "I've seen my concepts, my ideas, my creative birthright be exploited, appropriated, copied and reproduced. And that was painful."

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