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Will Lamb of God be allowed to play at The Forum this time around?

Posten on: 2008-08-13 00:48:50

The last time that Lamb of God were scheduled to perform at The Forum (former home of the Lakers and Kings) here in Los Angeles was during the "Subliminal Verses" tour with Slipknot back in 2005. The Faithful Central Bible Church, who have now owned The Forum for several years, and use it for their Sunday services, decided during that tour that Lamb of God would not be allowed to play at The Forum due to their anti-religious leanings and former identification as Burn the Priest. Suspiciously, the church higher-ups allowed Slipknot to perform at the venue, despite lyrics we are all familiar with like, "If I'm 555, you're 666." Seemingly, the church decided that removing Lamb of God from the show would not significantly hurt ticket sales so much as removing Slipknot, and would allow them to maintain their image. Rather than be deterred, Lamb of God promptly booked a show at a nearby club called The Glasshouse. The Glasshouse is a more mid-sized venue, a place that Lamb of God would normally be too big to play. Suffice to say, the show was incredible, with Lamb of God playing a fantastic set in front of a much more intimate, die-hard audience. Lamb of God are now scheduled to support Metallica for a portion of their upcoming North American tour. Sticking out like a sore thumb on the itinerary is a date at The Forum on December 17th. It remains to be seen if the venue will allow the band to play this time around, but it can probably be assumed that they will not. Thus, Lamb of God will, in all likelihood, schedule an off date in a smaller venue. Here are my questions to you: Should The Forum be allowed to ban Lamb of God from playing? What show would you rather see: Metallica in an arena, or Lamb of God in a club?

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