Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil - Hyperfast lyrics

A storm is brewing here right by my side

I've tried all sorts of disguises

I hope he cannot do wrong within my sight

My blood is flowing as oceans

When I breathe my freedom

Talk of the big religion

Simply what I need

Is what I need...

You reject defaults

In a vision of non-life

This silent overcomes

Your defensive shade is gone

Floating bubbles are laying down on me

False beliefs are drawing all my tears

Beyond sub-life

Beyond decline

Beyond this wave of rising

Beyond hard times

Beyond love bites

Beyond the day I'll face myself

A hyperfast reaction

Is playing with me

I'm so confused

But I knew

I could hold on

Just a lack of experience

Just a lack of pride

That makes me blind again

Sadly destroying everything I've done and


remaining is burning in my fire

That's the way we are

Now I'm going to explode

I will choose remorse in my life

What is happening is enclosed in my fire

That makes me blind again

I'll face myself

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