Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil - 1 19 lyrics

Sleep Little Nemo You're covered in leaves You're digging too deep So Sleep Little Nemo You won't have an alibi For what the cops will find Their bullets aren't stopping anything You can tell by the shine of my teeth You have to get rid of evidence So dump her body I can get out of anything You'll call me by my first name Houdini The Great Oh run Run Little Nemo They're catching up They're calling your bluff Jump Little Nemo You don't have to sleep In order to dream The cops will find A horrific sight Of Nemo's bride At the bottom of the lake And when they saw Her open mouth They looked inside And read the note that Nemo wrote (it entails) With love Uh oh My love I am sorry I missed you Oh Little Nemo Oh I know Little Nemo Now it's time to Sleep Now it's time to sleep But your bullets aren't stopping anything He's dressed as the calico cat Nemo's jumping to his death I'm still here You must call me by my first name Houdini the Great I'm spitting out bullets I'm still here… Hide The white Dress Hide the white dress

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