La Guns

La Guns - Big House (4 12) lyrics


Talib Kweli

Black Star

Reflection Eternal

[Chorus: x2]

I am what you want to be but you can't though

Prime example

You cats can't flow but you get an "E" for effort

(from mah say till efforts we stay?) together reign forever

[Talib Kweli]


You think I give a fuck about your Clown Posse? You insane!

You acting like a journalist and racking my brain

since I was tagging my name on the back of the train

like my man in (Lahane?) packing the same

Little Gat that put me back in the frame of mind to say "Fuck the Five-O"

Let me explain the rhyme

Yo, cut the nice flow like Bob Marley

I'm the black star they probably follow my every move

like I'm the son of John Gotti

Escape to Paris like a jazz man round midnight

[Queen?] banging like Josephine Baker raising the kids right

Attack the dreaming

Rap through the demons

See the situation and extract the meaning

Internationally known trees actually grown

through the cracks in the sidewalk

See it in my walk

Hear it in my talk

Bet you cats feel it in my rap flow

You can throw me a spliff but you can keep your tobacco


[Talib Kweli]

Are y'all with me tonight?

Et vou avec moi?

Y'all love the children and dance like a (labor?)

Say Ma where you goin with that flavor

These cats ain't in my league, this here is major

Mind state of the art

Yeah I play my part with razor-sharp words

shot straight for the heart

Beautiful like chords played on a harp with trumpets blaring

Angels preparing for the fate we all sharing at

one time or another through sunshine or thunder

Ain't got no time for the blunders

Then bond with one another to make the classical track

*What?* The battery in my back

I'm Eveready already plus magical (adapt?)

like mushrooms from the plush womb of the sweet

The city workers pushing dust brooms in the street

We complete the cipher

Push up your lighter

Throw your vanity in the bonfire


[Chorus x3]

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