L. L. Cool J

L. L. Cool J - Nitro lyrics

[ll cool j]

Check this

I excelthey fellI said - wellhell

L can yell or make em melt like gel

I signed the contracts that buils up stacks

Play the wall or fall I stand tall you're small in fact

Step asideyou might get fried

By the super technique that the rapper applied

As a matter of factthe impact will distract

Your attention awayfrom the rest who say

They can mess with cool j the best of to-day

And best cause the rhymes are so funky fresh

I'ma attack smack and make em stand back

Black strong as cognac I got the knack

To rhyme to the rhythm of thisand give em a gift

That's swiftother rappers are stiff and don't riff with

Mr. smithcause that ain't safe

I get you wide open like an uncut eighth

I write to fightdon't biteto reach heights

The mic makes rightgive me the spotlight

So I can prove the pen is mightier than the sword

Ll hard as hellthe lyrical lord

The counterfeit misfits that rap had to admit that

My rhymes are so dangerousI need a permit to rap

Soloon the microphone

Mc's -- don't let me catch you alone

I'm nitro!

YoI got the kick of a kettle drumguaranteed to overcome

You're just a minimummessin with the maximum

And when I swung my tongue among the high strung

Young mc'sthey all got done by the legend

Every second I'm wreckin

Not a mistake you'll findbut you can keep checkin

Out the sound you'll find that it's genuine

Bet that you'll rewind this a thousand times

You can taste the bass like it's filet-of-sole

I leave the microphone full of bullet holes

I drop the bomb like I'm in 'nam and go beyond

The normal boundaries of too much harm

To mc'sbut as they say please I freeze

Rhymes like these kill like a disease

Tried to fill my shoesand caught the blues

Because they get bruised by the rhymes I choose

I kill rappers at randomI don't understand em

The ones I didn't getare on a memorandum

Lines I recite are spontaneous

The nursery rhymes you writeare miscellaneous

So pass the crownbow down and give in

I'm the prince of rapthat's how we livin

Settin milestones on the microphone

Empires are overthrownand I ain't even baritone

No joke I spoke then God stroke

As job tried to sweat the style and got soaked

Conquered and killed on the microphone

Mc's -- don't let me catch you alone

Ll's nitro!


Yoflammable -- like gasoline

Threatening -- like a guillotine

It's like a bad dream when you battle my team

I go to every extreme to make mc's scream

I'm cleverI last foreverwe can do whatever

With whoeverwheneverI never

Ever got rockedstopped or dropped

They got poppedby the hip-hop rock that I concoct

I'm so nice yoflowin with the maestro

Murderin and hurtin mc's because I'm nitro

The earthquakes'll kill snakes and fakes

You can't flakeyou made a mistakegive me a breakthanks

Now that we're straight and that's clear

Watch all the big mouths - dissapear


I demonstrateand devestate you all

There's no doubt about the fact I turn it outthe wack

Be on the lookoutll made a comeback

Full of poweri'ma devour

I stand tall as a towerI won't allow a

Mc to c-o-m-ec-l-o-s-e

Play me long d-i-s-t-a-n-c-em-c's

On the microphoneI'm nitro!


Yo (funky)

I daze amaze faze blaze and beat em down

Nowadays they crave and praisethe funky sound I pound

Rhymes I write em inrecite em and then slide em in

Order to slaughter comp that start soon as I begin

Total dominationacross the nation

Devestationcut sensationit's the invasion

Of l the terribledevestating rhymin wiz

I cut through through do and chewyou know what time it is

SlickI get off of kicksvick your flick

Hard as bricksrock ya sick over the mix

The llcoo -- l j period now you know bro!

N-i-t-r-o yo go for what you know

Unless you're dumb cause yo I'm nitro-glycerin

Listenin and takin notes

Icin enticin and slicin throats

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