L. L. Cool J

L. L. Cool J - Life as... lyrics

Aaahget the burneruhhthe burnerlet loose the cannon

Blood drippinslippin off my planet

Manthe panicfunkmode

Mechanical mix flows competition in my dojo

Swing a hookgot the vertabraebe brave

Heat gain meltin on my heatwave

Power to the crowdpandemonium

Showin em how I gets down


The life of a killer is scandalous

The life of a killer is dangerous


Triggedysky high like a kite

God diggityevery other cloud's blue

Puff on ayeahpuff on a

Bring it onoffonbaby one-two

Peep in the arenadeath at your doorstep

Right around the corner is the land of regret

When ya sweat to get downsweat to get off and on

Till the... nothin normal bout my songs

Chorus x2

Ll coolj jazzy jewel

Takin dime pieces to the real school

I got em on nations buckin like fools

Pitbulls fightin over streets I rule

Catch it if you can when it's hot ta hit'cha hand

Throw ya skunks in the airmy funk got the flairman

I can do divisionbaby I can do math

Multiplying fractions now ya know the half

Knuckle games playedmust pack steel

Oh yes I'm livin like real

To the highest extentbloody clothes doin battle

Til the death of my foesit's my show

Chorus x2

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