L. L. Cool J

L. L. Cool J - Get Da Drop on Em lyrics

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I break a nigga down ugly like cokeup on the scale

Next step throw a stack up on the third rail

The undisputedI'm never ever diluted or polluted

You could fuse itif ya choose it cos it's deep rooted

I make ya maggot ass crawl out tha gutter

For underestimatin as I'm cre-atin the butter

Cliques get clipped like heavy bricks when I'm droppin

I'm wreckin nigga whole shit plus I make a profit

Wicked with this shoutbodies are fished out

I'm wreckin niggas one-by-one but then I miscount

Mispronouncedhow do ll bounce

And get ya shit bust? I turn ya faggots into mush

Ya slippinI'm grippin microphones real tight

Then I crack up the speakers in ya ac all night

Deliver messagesthe prophecy's in me

His royal highnessyou minus what you claim to be

(say what? )


UhI get da drop on you niggas

I blow itI make it hot for my niggas

*repeat x 3*

I blow emkaboombut fuck sound effects

Niggas was sleeping like I was off on a star trek

Select my dialectinspect all my cheques

He claim he gettin money but l cast the cheque

You sell blunt weedglock blockhorizons

Niggas in the projects find ya hypnotising

You clowns know when I bring forth the heat

Hardcore niggas be wearin pantieslookin sweet

I'm on a journey thru the land of frontin niggas

Nervous motherfuckers with tha hands on dirty triggers

I lay backniggas beef or let my nuts live

I take my bladeinsert it until ya guts give

Executionthe destroyer of ya suspect bunch

What? drama! you can't believe how I deliver bomb shit

Ya brains splitthe pain hits ya little dick


You fallin backwardsleanin like a dope addict

Rope niggas claim mepackin automatics

Found his ol' earth's burner underneath the mattress

Go outsidethe bitch up just like a actress

I take ya motherfuckers one-by-one and show ya how it's done

And dick ya down in front of everyone

Bitch niggas ain't got no type of reason

To say a bullshit rhyme in ll season

I'm freezinya bleedin heavily up out'cha rectum

Black and bluetryin ta hide up in the spectrum

I got ya raw ass bustin straight flat

Head up on the place matready to waste that

Operatin incorparates stimulatin designs

Lay that motherfucker's shit downnigga resign

Don't lose ya mindconcentratin on how I shine

You never hear a nigga like menever in time

I blaze it quickamaze cliques when I flip

I can't believe you niggas forgot who rip shit

It's '96 and niggas like to hold they dicks

I'm breakin shit aside ya doctor's can't fix


Fuck the tricks and all them smooth singin grooves

I'm bringin crewsin my ring you swing and lose

With the blues light my fuseallow me

To show ya crab ass fake niggas how it be

My technique's superb when I'm pissin on these herbs

Crystal clear so you can hear every word

Fuck the goodie-goodie or your moms might hear it

I gotta keep my title locked down so niggas fear it

UhI get da drop on you niggas

I blow itI make it hot for my niggas

*repeat x 2*

UhI get da drop on you niggas

I blow itI make it hot!

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