L. L. Cool J

L. L. Cool J - Droppin Em lyrics

[ll cool j]

Just like pauline you all-in..


Brace yourselfI'm the ace with grace

I'ma win the race and make you feel disgrace

In any caseyoI'm movin like a steeplechase

Mc soldiers -- about face

Now step offI need room for my takeoff

My custom made lyrics slaysyours are soft

I think you better tape thisyoyou can't escape this

YoI planned it out just like a landscapist

Whipper-snapper back up for comin crap up

I plan to trap a mc and kidnap em

Phonyso skip the baloney

You and your cronies need to jump on a pony

And rollcause you're just a rookie

When it was time for rap schoolyou musta played hooky

I'm the show-stopperyour rhymes are improper

I'ma teach you like the master taught the grasshopper

Just gettin warmerI'm a transform a

Regular rhyme into a barnstormer

Try to jump I'll bump you chumpmy job is thorough

Any mcstate city or borough'll get ragged

I drop like a sandbag

Serious as the mob - I don't play tag

Best of the batchno man can catch up

Hoes can't be passeda battle's a mistmatch

I flip lyricslike a acrobat

And avoid combat like a diplomat

But when it's time for battles? ? jacked or killed

It's a thrill to drill a run of the mill bill

With my skillI'm the lord of the rhymes

And I be writin at a rate that pace way past my bedtime

I rock the mic unlike

Some brothers I knowI guess they flowpsych

I'm droppin em

Droppin em

Yoyou're all instiff as a mannequin

I'm sharp as a pen and i'ma teach discipline

I get busy like it's two of me

EvidentlyI'm hated by a few mc's

But so what? I just max like I'm playin the sax

And take the crowd to the climax

Yo - cool jI'll never go astray

I'm funky you can hear me at the milky way

You're weakwick rapsI'm cool as jazz

Got razamatazz ask my man shabazz

I know you're afraid because I'm self-made

I invadeand blow up like a hand grenade

Mc's are terrorstrucki'ma run amuck

Cause your rhymes suckyou made a record on potluck

Just a toy boycan't stop my convoy

Rhymes I said last year were just decoys

I'm like a foxyou annoy me like chicken pox

I'm back with a style that's unorthodox

You musta had a teaspoon full of bull

I'm like the hulkwith more bulkI'm powerful

They try to get with thisto me that's an insult

Boys shouldn't mess with an adultthat's too difficult

I enter like a giant sayin fee fi foe fum

Then rock the auditorium until it's pandemonium

I'm droppin em

Yo edroppin em

Don't sleep - cause i'ma go deeper

All you sleepersI'm the grim reaper

My rhymes are risingthe angle's gettin steeper

I hated mussolini martini so i'ma sweep a

Emceelike he's one of the two

Break him into fragments right in front of you

Mic check one twois too fundamental

My rhymes are monumental over an instrumental

In the centerI had to enter

Tormentor mentor experimentor and inventor

Of lyricsso all you non-believers

It'll echo in your dreams at night when you receive a

Rude awakeningyou can't do anything

You enter my kingdom and you cry as men bring

Gifts to the prince of excellence and magnificence

Alarm clock ringsyou wake upand you're convinced

That the crew invadersoloist exterminator

Greater evador of ducksconcert crusader

Is badmy nickname's the circuit breaker

Eatin up the worldacre by acre

I'm droppin em

Word to motherdroppin em!

Knowhati'msayin? straight til 1999droppin em!

Yoyear two thousandyaknahmsayin?

Audi man

Yo I'm droppin em

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