L-BURNA AKA LAYZIE BONE - The Backyard lyrics

(feat. Jeremy (Layzie's Son))

[Layzie talking while Jeremy sings]

Sup Jeremy

We got to do our thing

Know what i mean

They really don't belive daddy be out here chilling down like this

Why don't you tell em man

Tell them what you would do

When you come to your daddy (Just tell em)

We got that AK 47 nigga, we ballin [x4]

We ballin

We got the cheese nigga [x3]

We ballin


Everythang sister's in the street's [x4]

When there's aways drama that we need

Can we please be steel


Hey bone in the house ya'll buckin on these niggas

With the 44 nigga better hit the door

I got the AK 9 nigga what you wanna do

Wanna ride wanna die?

Let's get high

Nigga we kicking your door down

Blasting you with shot guns

What you wanna do

Nigga, we kicking your door down

Nigga, what you wanna do

We got that AK 47

Nigga you better heat the heaven

We gonna get tore up

Blast down nigga

What you wanna do

Nigga i got that AK 47

I got technine's and all that

Nigga what you wanna do and

Mo Thug's we don't play around with you.



I don't care where we at

We at the bar, we at the car

Nigga I don't car where we at

Nigga I can care when and where

What you wanna do

I'll pull you out your car

Nigga and knock you up too

[Layzie Bone]

What you wanna go

Niggas don't wanna do a dame thang

When come to me and you

Lil' Jay bone thug.

[Jeremy & Layzie]

Me and my daddy we in the backyard [x2]

Niggas looking at us trying too be hard

[Layzie Bone]

Lil' Jay we creeping out the come up

You take the right and i''m take the left

Meet these niggas up on the front porch

and put these fake ass niggas on rest

and they wanna test

Then they gotta get done

Know they can't fuck with the fuck on son team

Everything be green

Niggas on bling bling


What you wanna do

Go to gun fight's

Nigga what you wanna do

We can do anything you wanna do

but I still win you lose

We draw nigga

What you wanna do

I got that AK 47

Clouched and all that.

[Layzie Bone]

We got that cocked AK 47

Nine millermeter and heaven's

Niggas sprayed your heaven's

[Chorus: Layzie Bone]

We got AK 47 nigga we ballin [x4]

We ballin

We got cheese nigga [x3]

We ballin


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