L-BURNA AKA LAYZIE BONE - How Long Will It Last lyrics

[Chorus x8]

How long, how long will it last?

I know I'm lost, how long will it last?


It's on and crackin' right about now

Cause I'm on my own two feet

Moved outta my mama's house for good

And now I'm addicted to the streets

It's fast livin', that's what I was bread for

Reason my niggas keep fallin' down

Livin' locked up in the jail cell

But oh well, 'cause it's 3-C callin' out

Nigga, wild as a juvinile

Big ballin' to feed my destiny

Had to get up, get out, and get somethin'

Nigga, 'cause ain't nobody helpin' me

Nigga was fourteen in '89

Shoulda seen little Layzie grind

If a nigga came short, he gave me mine

It was all about the scrilla, nigga

Real niggas like you know

My big nigga here know

We was on the block sellin' chop chops with Wally and Lorenzo

It was a school of real livin'

And that's where a nigga learned to survive

Learned my tactics to stay alive before I was old enough to drive

Comin' from a family of thieves

Nigga tried to live the Scarface dream

But I guess everything ain't what it seems

Idolize them niggas on TV screens

But I had to have it, after mathmatics

I continued smashin'

More niggas zipped up in plastic

Nigga, how long will it last?

[Chorus x8 ]

How long, how long will it last?

I know I'm lost, how long will it last?


And it wasn't long before a nigga got cuffed up

Cuffed up, roughed up by the po po

And them pussy ass cops that took me down

I guess they was after my mojo

I kept my mouth closed and eyes open

Waitin' for the day they release me

With this game still runnin' thru my veins

Nigga, my love for the streets ran deeply thru the blood

Mental thug

Nigga, this shit didn't come from no rappin'

It came from minglin' in the hood

Straight up to no good, fightin' and scrappin'

Back on the scene, where I belong

Damn near everything goin' wrong

My lyrics for life is to be my song

Nigga took a hot one to the dome

But I made it thru and got heated heavy

Packin' pistols to protect my corner

On the foul nigga, you's a goner

Mothafucka better peep my persona

That's when the hood broke into sections

Jackin' these niggas for what it's worth

No nigga, your terf is my terf

As long as I run this earth

And it's about that murder

Nigga, and gun play from monday nigga 'til sunday

If you want me

Nigga, come get me

Lettin' off rounds, comin' up from one way

My lady said baby chill nigga, you movin' too fast

And I told the girl, I gotta get this cash

I don't know how long it's gon' last

[Chorus x8]

How long, how long will it last?

I know I'm lost, how long will it last?


I guess it don't stop up in this bitch

Cause nigga, the plot keep gettin' thicker

All it is it's about these figgas

Nigga, just fuck with your little nigga

I made a few moves to get out the ghetto

Advance to a whole new other level

Now we Mo Thug mighty rebels

Nigga, we toatin' deadly metals

Puttin' the pedal to the floor

Mashin' 'til 3 thousand and fo'

If it ain't about no money what the fuck you in this fo'

Better pack your shit and be ready to roll

Or get rolled over

Told ya Lightnin' will learn ya

Either duckin' to L Burna

Better mind your business if it don't concern ya

Multi platinum Mo Thug

Nigga, we a raw ass dynasty

I'ma show you how Cleveland's finest be

Y'all punk mothafuckas keep eyein' me,despisin' me

Wanna ride with me get high with me, but won't die for me

Y'all punk mothafuckas can't roll

This on some real shit

[Chorus: repeat til fade]

How long, how long will it last?

I know I'm lost, how long will it last?

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