L-BURNA AKA LAYZIE BONE - Deadly Musical lyrics


I keeps one in the chamber,when i'm in danger

Releasin' anger over deadly musicals

And I don't blame ya, I do the dame tah

It ain't in my game tah fuck with none of you groupy ho's

I bring the pain tah, and rearange ya

And blood stain ya, look at the way we do these ho's

Lil' Lay'll bang ya, ya pistol slanger

Ain't been no stranger to fuckin' up these studios


All aboard the mothership up in this bitchand we gon' blast off

Nigga, we gon' smash off

Nigga, my niggas work they ass of (for the third time)

They gettin' paper runnin' with the thug by nature

Nigga, don't make my family break you

Shake you, take you on that other level

My mighty rebel's comin' quick to shoot, to do ya

Blowin' buddah for the love, us come with shit that shock the future

Who the baller now?

Nigga, where your lady

And why you can't call her now?

She runnin' with a thug

And you the scrub with a smaller pile

Mothafuckas better raise up before I put my gauge up

And turn into a deranged nut

Nigga what?

Don't come too close, man

Don't play the wrong hand

You fuckin' with a grown man

You listen to what the song's sayin'.

Did I hear Bone playin' in your direction?

Last year you was playa hatin', now you bumpin' Resurrection

Checkin' chins, tryina bend the wind

Layin' thin in the Benz

Ballin' for our dividends, nigga what?



Click click, kaboom when I step in the room

You better assume I got that nine milli in my jacket

And i'm thinkin' of visions of doom

I presume with the music

Blazin' right, sho' you right

These are the days of our lives, of our lives

Everyday I get my grind on

A workaholic whatever you wanna call it

Nigga Mo Thug be flowin' like flossers, toss it up

Little lady, shake that ass for Layzie

Like Ken, this shit don't stop baby we doin' this on the daily

Ay we don't give a fuck and flip out empty the clip out

Before the po po hit the scene, we dip out

Harass some mo' niggas

If it's yo' niggas, it's over we comin' thru full throttle

Mo Thug be the motto, nigga done I roll with Desporitos

E.M.T., Seldom Seen all my thugstas down to roll

Nigga, don't make me call up Bone

And none of my niggas home

Menenski mobbin' thru the mellenium

Bendin' laws for fun

If you see us thuggin' the hood, better believe I got my gun, son



Now see, I do what I can do

But I can do what you did

And nigga, I know I can build these pyramids

Y'all niggas better take me serious

Here it is mothafucka, your Mo Thug captain

Buckle up prepare for the journey, takin' you mothafuckas platinum

What's happenin' ready for action, satisfaction guarenteed

Movin' at speeds you wouldn't believe

Smokin' on nothin' but trees

Play with the fire, the fire, ya get burned

Lets go pump the riot, the riot 'til it hurt

We hitmen up for hire, for hire that need work

Stompin' in the battlezone livin' in the battlefield

Heated heavy for y'all niggas that don't get the picture

We champions, winners rebels for realer

They just don't get the picture

But ya gon' get the picture

It's the mothership

[Chorus: repeat til fade]

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