Kyuss - Spaceship Landing lyrics

You've been in back of me (yeah)

Feeling sent to me (yeah)

I'm tired of the word

When my back ain't around here

No more you and me (yeah)

No more listening (yeah)

Tired of your word

All your words are so backwards

Being as lost as can be (yeah)

Touch of purity (yeah)

If you're gonna go now

Well I wanna go with you

Oh yeah, you're a fucked up man

With a fucked up plan (3x)

Oh yeah (2x)

Did I say too much?

You didn't want me to hear

Did I say too much?

I didn't want me to see here

Did I hate too much?

I'm not sure I should leave here

Did I hate too much?

I'm thinking someone should bleed here

Why the finger? it's all right

Me and you could, it's all right

Straighten me out, it's all right

Guiding light, it's all right

There you go, it's all right

Wait up and turn me in, it's all right

Help you out man, it's all right

Help me in, I just might

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