Kyuss - Mondo Generator lyrics

Ah! Who's gonna take you there/tell you that?

You're such a good way back...long [x3]

way from here.

Yeah, down

What's the difference?

What do you do?

Mondo generator.

Well, I try to cross the edge.

Well, who, who can find me there?

I want to find you there, I'm never coming.

Who was the tragic fool? What's wrong with my head?

You try to match it without a hope in hell, you're such a fool.

I cannot take you there.

What does [x3] it take?

Every time I knew you, you try to, I can't hear you there.

There's something there.

You try to match it without a hope in hell, you fucking fool.

What fucking difference does it make?

There's nothing left but what goes up [x4]

I gotta do something or what will happen there might fuck.

When you look back you gotta a long way to go there (there).

What the fucking hell is going on?

I tried more and more (more!!!).

I gotta give.

Get back, you gotta give.

Oh [x3]. (Oh)

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