Ks Choice

Ks Choice - Somethings Wrong guitar tab

Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 15:10:24 +0000

From: Lise Bridts

Subject: last attempt to submit a K's choice song



���������������������������� K's Choice

������������������������ ��"Paradise in me"

������������������� ��������������������������


���������������������������� ���������������

�����������A-Asus2���������E�� D����������E

When your pubic hair's on fire,something's wrong ����������

A-Asus2������ E�����D������ ��� E�

When you think you're the Messiah, something's wrong ����������

A-Asus2� E����� D����������� E�� �

When you mistake a plane for Venus, something's wrong ������������

A����������� E���� �D����������� E���

When your girlfriend's got a penis, something's wrong (2x)

� �����������A-Asus2����� D���������� E �

chorus : Aaaaaaaaaah... something's wrong ��������������

A-Asus2���� � D���������� E ��

Aaaaaaaaaah... something's wrong �

When you like music more than life, something's wrong

When you start sleeping as you drive, something's wrong

When your favourite drink is thinner, something's wrong

When you're proud to be a sinner, something's wrong


(chorus) �

When a canary drives a tractor,something's wrong

When your president's an actor, something's wrong

When your jacket's plagued with dandruff, something's wrong

If you think that this song matters, something's wrong

� ���������� (repeat chorus)� � �

You'll have to listen to the song for the strumming pattern.

Have fun !!!!

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me: Lise Bridts�


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