Ks Choice

Ks Choice - Shall I Let This Good Man In lyrics

Hey, Stranger

Would you come in through my door

If not now I'll leave it ajar

And then maybe you could come back

I'll be waiting here for you

I'll be hoping here for you

I'll be praying here that you'll believe it's true

That in all these lonely years

I would have loved your company

But I never could give in

To this fragile side of me

You see I've always been a man of great ambition

But success just turned his back & never came

And now I find I became a man

Of even greater solitude

And I wish I'd spend more time making friends

With guys like you

Oh, Stranger

How can I make you stay?

For a little while

Oh, Stranger

Please, don't go away

I'm living on

I'm singing on

Just let me sing one song for you

Hey, Stranger

This is my song

It is old & it is wrinkle

I tried it for too long

I tried it time after time

To forget about myself

And to hide in it a while

But a while's been goin' on

Since I can't remember when

And got catched up by the life

Of a lost & lonely man

I think I'm-a sung away a little faster

Then I planned

Hey, Stranger

This is my life

I can't use it anymore

For I share it with no one but myself

I can't fool you anymore

Let me hide with you a while

Let me try a little while

And then maybe

You'll believe it's true

That in all the years I spent

With the glory of a fool

Making diamonds outta tears

On the highest bid to go

I've been searching for a friend

To tell my troubles to

But I could never understand

How to get out of that cell

Please don't send me back to hell

<i>[Thanks to Korn_girl1486 for these lyrics]</i>

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