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Ks Choice - 20000 Seconds guitar chord

Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 17:44:18 -0400

From: STEPHANB@uk.ibm.com

Subject: k/ks_choice/20000_seconds.crd

22:18 19/09/00

K's Choice - 20000 Seconds (Cocoon Crash)

This is my very own loose interpretation, but it is the best I could come

up with and it sounds all right when played along...

Chords :

F 1123xx

Fsus2 1103xx

Bbsus2/D 1130xx

Bbsus2/F 1133xx

Bbsus2/E 1132xx

C7/E 0132xx

So if you divide the main Riff in 4 parts :

F Fsus2 F (quick pull off)



Bbsus2/E (1st part) C7/E Bbsus2/E C7/E (quick hammer)

Play the main Riff for each line

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