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Krystal Mills Chords

Capo 1

Verse 1

Em     C    
Eye’s Closed

Em             C
Deep Thoughts running through your mind but

Em          C
Keep them shut

Until I tell you to open...

Pause 8 seconds after "Until"

              Em, C, A7
you must keep shut
Intrumental – 1 bar

Verse 2

Em      C     A7
The pain and sweat you your brow 

Em      C     A7
Oh baby don’t look back now

Em      C     A7
Curses can be like a drug

Em      C     A7
Until you tasted the poison

Pause 4 seconds after "Poison"
you’re going to be smug

Instrumental 1 bar - Em, C, A7,C

Verse 3

Em        C    A7      C
You better have that Remington out

Em        C    A7      C  
Fully loaded and a backup plan

Em        C    A7      C
Coz you don’t know what defeat is on your back

Em     C   A7
Just one little mistake

Count 3 

Em, C, A7. C, Em, C, A7, C
Bang, Bang, BANG!

Instrumental – 1 bar

Verse 4

Em      C      A7     C
He made a deal with the devil

Em      C      A7     C
He even sold his own soul

Em      C      A7     C
Uh oh what trouble he’d be in for

Em      C      A7
Oh well God doesn’t even know


G          D       E        C    A7  
Coz once your tasted the poison you can’t go back 

G          D            B           A
And then you want some more to kill the pain

Pause 12 seconds

Sooo Bang, Bang..... (Acapella)

Em, C, A7, C, Em, C, A7, C End on (Em)
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