Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings - 4-2-0

Swollen, always, brings it home

(Swollen always brings it home)

We do it, up where, we belong

And Moka Only, always, brings it home

(Moka always brings it home)

Let's do it, up and, keep it on

We built a foundation, brick by brick

Eye for an eye, keep your eyes on this

The shadows move in the strangest forms,

Our music in your ear is like a dangerous storm

The way we perform, it's a whole new arena

We raise the stakes while you follow the leader

This song's a heater, long live the speaker

S&M the name explains the main feature

I'm an abnormal creature with pummelin' action

Feature presentation plus the comin' attraction

Asians, Iranians, all same opinion

Indians, blacks and whites and East Indians

Latins, girls draped in lace and satin

North Van to Venice, T-Dot to Manhattan

All get the picture, it's not quite invitin'

Mad Child's excitin', strike of white lightnin'

Where would we be in the world,

If we never did our thing?

Please believe me it's my world,

Everybody hear me sing now,

If you've never heard of us I'm sorry you ain't hip

Here's another track because we always come equipped

Moka love the ladies and the ladies lovin' Mok'

Ain't no need to argue cause we're just so fuckin' dope

Take it with a grain of salt, or maybe with your drink

Thankin' Swollen Members cause they keep the party crank

Like dang dicky dicky dang dicky dang dang

Cause we bring it home, put it on, make it this way

I stay low to the ground so I can keep my balance,

The element of surprise, the advantage of silence

And all you root beer motherfuckers floatin' around,

I pop your top you must be watered down

No fears of the glowin' lights of show biz

Young kids, I'll show you whose show it is

Swollen Members hits hard like Heartbreak Ridge

I put my heart into this, no alternative

That's affirmative, we burn with passion, smashin'

Flashin' on kids too concerned with fashion

Handlin' my business, we last longest

My whole congress, strong as King Kong is

Sledgehammer grammar, thunderbolt jolt

Mad Child what you got under your coat?

Adrenaline pump and I'm swingin' an axe

Swollen Members bring it home while Moka sing on the tracks

And Rob The Viking, always, brings it home

We do it, up where, we belong

And Moka Only, always, brings it home

(Moka always brings it home)

Let's do it, up and, keep it on.

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