Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - Wanted: Dead or Alive lyrics

License plates reads: K O O L G R A P

Be alert suspect is armed and extremely dangerous

And also he's wanted dead or alive

Find him...>

I'm wanted dead or alive

I stalk the New York sidewalk

All the girls hawk but I don't stop to talk

I keep stepping with a nine on my waistline

Got 16 shots and I don't waste mine

Never fess cause I'm dressed with a bulletproof vest

Try to test, I leave a bloody-ass mess

Driving a Saab that connects with the mob

Bank job, plenty niggers I rob

Blood stains are on my Ballys

A sucker got rowdy, so I shot him in an alley

Pumped his face full of dum-dums

Then left him for the cast of rats and the bums

Yo a lot of suckers hate me with a passion

Cause they know I can catch them one night and I ain't flashing

I got a crazy big posse or should I say a crew?

Of niggers that belong in the zoo

Watch you spit up, blood when you get hit up

One in the head, making sure you don't get up

This is what happens and nobody can't stop it

Crackheads searching a dead man's pockets

Streets are filled with brothers that kill like Illville

They murdered before and they still will

Posse's roar in a drug war

Cause some believe in death before poor

Shooting galleries, for a rich man's salary

Pockets so fat they need dough or low calories

I got an order for another manslaughter

Wear the musty badge like his ass fell in water

I had to run up in the kid's crib

For something he did, I didn't dig, the little pig

Anyway I didn't have it

In fact now the little faggot is crawling with maggots

Try to bother the neighborhood godfather

And I'll burn your ass up like lava

Took alive the suckers that tried to get live

I never fronted, I'm wanted dead or alive

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