Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - Trilogy of Terror lyrics

Burn them like lasers and stun them like phasers

Cause my brain thinks and it blanks your memory banks

Sharp as shanks and poetry is like a cleat hanks

Give me a pen a typa writer then

I'll cut your whole posse into gingerbread men

With diction sparked from friction

Plenty of dope like the pope cause it's a G Rap prediction

Tower going outer space, louder bass

Replaces the weak rap race

Ashes to ashes, flashes of smashes and crashes

Another big man bashes

Fright, it's a silent night but it's a violent fight

My talent might explode like dynamite

Lyrics blast out or leave it will cast out

Fast and at last all rappers passed out

Wax the vocal tracks all out like whistles

Clear like crystals, loud like pistols

Here to get it straight for the ?89 era

This is a killer G

In a trilogy of terror



Lightning and thunder, rappers going six feet under

Kool G Rap makes you wonder

No blunders or mistakes, this takes hard concentration

Effort, for the method, meditation

Visions of light, collisons, tight decisions

Suckers'll end like divisions

Listen I'm like a seed from a demon, a blessing from an angel

Way more mysterious than Bermuda's Triangle

Riddle fit to hit, put together bit by bit

Like a do-it-yourself kit

Then I'll hold your soul on a remote control

So-called MC's will freeze so cold

Then get viewed and examined in a test tube

If you're a square, you freeze into an ice cube

Talent switches, words to riches

You get stitches, rhymes are wicked like witches

Horror, terror, pain, rip like a hurricane

Freeze like cocaine, or you get a smoke brain

G Rap, Polo, Doc the Butcher all together

We're forever

The trilogy of terror

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