Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - Play it Again, Polo lyrics

I burn while the tables turn like windmills

A swift reactor rap to impact up the track ?

I flow like a sailor

Rhymes remain hittin hard like Nighttrain

With lyrics that came from the brain of Mark Twain

So if you can't handle the man please go and change the channel

Rappers are gettin smoked like Camels

To weather the brainstorm, fellas better grab your umbrellas

People run inside the cellars

As I teach you're attached to my rhyme like a leash

Takin the S off my speech to fight peach

Take the P off the peach because now you want each

and every rhyme to teach and reach

You need a fixin, for your fake rhymes lyrics and weak mixin

You robbin em blind like Nixon

Some got shook when they took a look

I'm burnin you up, like the lyrics that are pages of a cookbook

I attract more kids than Wonderama

Rhymes got more drama, than black momma white momma

You get defeated decapitated captivated

Cause you hated the fact G. Rap made it

So if you slow you blow like a hoe, so here's a solo

Aiyyo, play it again Polo

Here's a fellow, sayin hello, Polo, mellow

P-O-L-O, shake em like Jell-o

Sonny you're funny like Johnny Carson

So I'ma enjoy, watchin your butt burn up just like an arson

These rhymes here can kill son

You try to rips it just call me the ? Flip Wilson

And rhymes I got em down pat

Release this hit like the Superfly soundtrack

Too dope of a type windpipe full of hype

and I sideswipe the suckers I snipe

The mic so hot, it can weld when it's hell

and assassinate, like Lee Harvey Os-wald

Rough on the radio, Sony or Sanyo

Rappers get slayed and played like a banjo

When I illustrate, stiller rhymers is iller

Battle me, you better swallow a bottle of painkillers

I go faster and faster, skills of a Grandmaster

Makin you fall like plaster

Amazed, grammar plays like gamma rays

Chumps are caught in the blaze and dumped in ashtrays

You pussy willow, I can see your sihlouette

You're scared, and tears of fear made your pillow wet

You wanna tic-tac-toe with a big rap pro?

Yo, play it again Polo

Guys are weary, eyes be teary, survived and leary

Your rhymes are eerie, that's my theory

I'm here to jam and slam like Bam-Bam

Damn, Polo play it again like Sam

Cuts in harmony, you ain't harmin me

Your beats are moist and your sweet voice is charmin me

Not flexible, your style needs to be twisted

Plus your name's unlisted

Rhymes are tough like gristle, watch the boy sizzle

Your brainstorms don't even drizzle

But my brainstorms gives lots of pain, lots of rain

Long spins, the strong winds of a hurricane

You get sunken when I hit a punk and

rag a fag, makin him stagger like he drunken

You can't stop treatin my hip-hop

like a Blo Pop, chew up the slop like a gumdrop

Makin you sweat like a death threat, slow when I flow

I'ma let, Polo wet up the whole set

Yes the final, death wish to sucker MC's

gets granted, with rhymes makin em stand planted

I start blowin blows, and my rhymes are like a bolo

So hey, play it again Polo

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