Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - No More Mister Nice Guy lyrics

(Y'all Hip Hop hoes)

(Check this out)


Yeah bitch

No more Mister Nice Guy

Y'all bitches check this shit out right here now

Word up baby

No more Mister Nice Guy

Fuck all the bullshit

Fuck all that nice shit

No more Mister Nice Guy

(You are not the sensitive man you used to be)

I used to be romantic and considerate

But now I hit the skins I jump right in, and then get rid of it

Cause I remember when you used to treat me like a stepson

You hung around for fun but yo, I wasn't gettin wet none

Treated you like you was a star big as Madonna

I took you out on dates to go eat steaks at Benny Harner's

I called you on the telephone to see what you was doin

Took a trip to the zoo and bulls were steady tryina do it

??? but I didn't get my rocks off

Talkin bout knockin boots, I didn't even get your socks off

Tryin everything inside the book to get you naked

I guess the candlelight dinners and Spinners records didn't make it

But yo, I'm still ringin your bell holdin roses

We might as well been Eskimos in clothes rubbin noses

I woulda gave you stars from out the sky

But soon as I got the pie

Poof - no more Mister Nice Guy

(You bitch)

Bitch you're actin real funny with your pussy

Yeah bitch

No more Mister Nice Guy

Bitch I been waitin for like a fuckin month and a half

Word up baby

No more Mister Nice Guy

What the fuck is the problem?

What's the problem?

Fuck that shit

No more Mister Nice Guy

Fuck you and your pussy


(Ah yeah)

(What's the matter, you're burning?)

Thinkin bout the times I opened doors and pulled your chair out

But now I got you stressed, lookin a mess pullin your hair out

I used to come and shower you with mad flowers and candies

But all that shit stopped when I got into the panties

Now you're steady beggin me to bang her

I come to bust a nut off of a blow job or fuck you with my finger

Before I got the cunt I was your little rubber-duckie

But now you see me three times a month if you're lucky

I used to buy you clothes as we doze in a pocanose

Now you're gettin called all kinda hoes and a broken nose

Took you out for movies and dinner

Now I pack a snack and rent a blockbuster tape and run up in ya

Before I woulda done anything to see you nude

Now you ??? hump or gotta nease noff like Ebeneezer Scrooge

It ain't no more pickin you up dressed out in a suit and tie

Bitch, no more Mister Nice Guy

Bitch, I'm tellin you right now

It wasn't all that

Aw fuck you

I don't want it no more

Suck my dick

Fuck your pussy

This stinks

When we first went to bed I used to leave your head spinnin

But now I hit quick and give a speed stick while in it

Yeah, I used flip you like Jack the Ripper the stripper

Now I'm ready to date when I get lipstick on my zipper

Just give me a cut, and all of a sudden

I'm steady (nuttin) (nuttin) right on your shirt buttons

So get a grip as my tip starts to sprinkle

It drips from your lip to your hip to your ankle

And that's for all the times you used to try to play me, baby

My name ain't Miss Daisy, but thanks for the ride, lady

Because you rode me like a hoe inside a rodeo

And now the nitwit is moby dick-whipped like Toby-o

I wish you would light a cigarette that I chain smoke

The only coat i be puttin on is my raincoat

I used to treat the hookers flier than sky high

But now I'm a wise guy, no more Mister Nice Guy

(You bitch)

Now I hope you bitches understand

I tried to tell you bitches

Suck my dick

Suck my dick

Fuck all you bitches

Fuck y'all

No more Mister Nice Guy

Suck my dick and suck my nipple

Suck all our dicks bitch

Fuck you

No more Mister Nice Guy

I don't give a fuck no more bitch, now I'm maaaad

No more Mister Nice Guy

Come on, you bitches

Fuck that bitch

I'm really mad now

I'm telling you

You really got me pissed off

I can't have the pussy no more?

Fuck that bitch

Even if I have to take it

Don't make me take it

I'm tellin you

(Take that, muthafucka

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