Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - Kool is Back lyrics

I'm burnin yo' ass like syphillis

A fast brother you're just a lover with a sore hand

I freeze MC's as if Frosty the Snowman

No man withstands the pain I bring

So face a hellraise of cut like a laser

Polo plays a part inside the arts I grab charts

Start to break you apart so get smart

You cry for help knowin you felt the rhyme

makin the track melt, Polo drops like a black belt

MC's are grounded, pounded down, astound

They rounded up, pounds of sounds, but I drowned them

Surround to check the tape, and play when rate too great

Related too late, I demonstrate fate

I'm fast and, passin the stage of an assassin

Massacre, in a mash I start blastin

Fury article, periodicial

Blowin up all the cools and molecules, here read the articles

Everytime I build the plan and killed the man

MC's got smoked without a filter and

skunked them up like marijuana

Terminator of data and your rhymes is Sarah Conner

You can't rip out, rap up, slip up, slap up

Cause you're trapped up, to get capped up

Play the back of dis here scenery

You clowns'll get broke down like machinery

I bring trouble on the double, bust you like a bubble

Hardrocks get crushed into rubble

The gates of hell open wide to scope in

And I'm hopin, you're brought to the Pope and

the holy bible when you made your arrival

Now the name of the game is survival

The result isn't real difficult to strategy

I'm _Stayin Alive_ like John Travolta

My rhymes are gettin hotter, I gotta

round to allow clowns like a Globetrotter

So I'ma give you the hell that you brought me in

I'm a king with the sting of a scorpion

I just follow your footprint, trace track and blackout

You better shout to get a rap out

What I arrange invented, it's strange demented

The range, be changed when I entered

a stage of furious rage when I had this madness

badness, you felt sadness

Raps are brave and outrageous; all those

chicken rhymes you written should be put in the Yellow Pages

I stand tall, play the wall, and watch dem brain stall

and wet yo' ass like rainfall

I think you need a replacement, you're illin

Call that buildin boy, you're still in the basement

A brain cell swells to jam like a pelican

Fresh out of breath, death left you a skeleton

I'm gonna need your full cooperation

This is a matter of life and death operation

To ease a man in the siege of surgery

of bein done without anesthesia

Go slow, hell no, I let the beat kick

And I get wicked like the Witches of Eastwick

I'm not soft, I kill suckers off

Disarmin it, bombim it, off in a coffin

You get struck, and just like a motherfuckin duck

and plucked and shit out of luck and fucked

Designated to self-destruct

Knocked around like a hockey puck

K-double-O-L-G-R-A-P, N-O M-C plays me

You wish your name had a G but to be

a badder G boy you gotta play with strategy

Top rankin, thinkin ability, memory bankin

But instead you're just sinkin

I attack like a pack of whacked out maniacs

G. Rap's back

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