Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - It's a Demo lyrics

People in the audience Kool G Rap is my name

I write rhymes and insert them inside your brain

And DJ Polo the man I'm behind

He operates the turntables when I'm rocking my rhymes see...


Better than a Snicker when it comes to a snack

I go solo with Polo when I'm in combat

I'm the MC humanoid and I just get annoyed

Boy you'll be destroyed cause you copy like a Polaroid

Coming like a meteor inside any area

Make the people merrier, vicious like a terrier

Like a terrorist, I will terrorize

Telling any territory I'm a glory enterprise

The microphone fanatic, cause I'm the Asiatic

Brotherman from the motherland, rappers automatic

Ly suffer as I suffocate, then I start to alienate

Make you an inmate, so you cannot retaliate

Mutilate at a rate to penetrate you

No other crew can rescue

My talents are balanced my audience is silent

MC's stop biting or I'll get violent

It's a demo...

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