Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - Home Sweet Funeral Home lyrics

No one expected the unexpected (uh uh)


Something real, something you could feel (that's right)

Straight from the Suave House (Bad Boy)

Representing (no doubt)

Put a little soul in here

And we don't stop

No one has to ask who be actin' bad

Eightball and MJ pimpin' G be all up in that ass

From Memphis Tenn, around the world and than back again

Make non-rappin' weak MC's go home practicing

I flip a Benz, will Lorenzo play and plenty Benjamins

Low key, plenty ends makes plenty friends

Baby, I got all the herbs that I need to chief

Smoke up a pound and leave you bitch niggas in disbelief

Inhale the smoke and every word I wrote came out dope

Not like that crack, I being lyrical dope above tracks

Not sayin' I won't pull the Rueger and put hollow to ya

Have yo mama on her knees screamin' Hallelujeh

Lay it down playa, Suave House, Bad Boy, Fat Boy

And her friends the Rat-A-Tat boy

Matter of fact boy, this is not a act boy

The player way, keep the player makin' stacks boy

I been kickin' up dust in my Polo boots

Gettin' blowed on the droll, takin' smoke up my nose

I give the world to a woman, but I don't love hoes

I'm a player, baby and don't you forget

You need to get with it, let me hit it and split it

In the bed, on the floor, hot tub, everyday

The player way, the player way

Now on, on, break o' dawn, can't stop, I'm too hot

Look shit, my niggas rock, hype man be in the drop

Me no care if the B's be tinted, you won't see me in it

'Less there's TV's in it

I can tell by the way you talk and the way you chit-chat

You foul and if you had styles you wouldn't get back

You thinkin' you invincible, you ain't hard to get at

I know everywhere you go, everywhere you live at

I be wanna click-clack and you be ready to get back

I be ready to go to war, you ain't gon' be with that

You be the same cat that I run up on and spit at

Bleedin' all crazy and don't know where you hit at

I'm dead up, niggas doin' drama better shut up, I'm fed up

Know for my Roley I was set up

I can't let up, you in some shit that don't concern you

Send a bullet through your thermal, you know crazy

I've been waiting 20 minutes baby

Now drop yo drawers

And do something outstandin' with yo jaws

After all this waitin' I can see clean through yo forehead

You mo' said than done, give mo' head than some

Throw my jacket down in the puddle, hell no

If you don't know a pimp, somebody besta tell y'all

Yeah the women say it's good to have a confidant

But yet and still they give it up to pimps, once a month

See a lot of these pimp lovers, they took they K-man

Front like they real and hold a fake in

You wastin' the time

Serious ballas and ready hoes, got da women walkin'

Dibs on da strip with steady toes

As I pull up, cranking is thinking the bigger fat, natural expertise

Plenty money workin' for G and whoever next to me

And I ain't gonna rest till we made a statement

I'm straight up you want it down? It's time for a replacement

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