Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - Check the Bitch lyrics


Y'all bitches check this shit out for the '95

My man comin atcha with this fat shit

Y'all bitches grab a hold of this shit

And hold this shit tight

Word up

Yo I'm your typical nigga from the city

Most bitches hate me cause my attitude is shitty

I push up on em cause I see they lookin cute and shit

But then they gotta go and do some fuckin stupid shit

It don't suprise me though cause I always seen this in em

I only like them bitches when I got my penis in em

But I don't like so-called sophisticated women

Frontin they got pussies that be big enough to swim in

Got a little 9 to 5 thinkin she's a winner

Knowin goddamn well her boss is stickin dick up in her

You press her for the sex and she front like she ain't with it

And love to suck a muthafuckin dick, but won't admit it

She'll tell you she first started havin sex when she got older

Then throw her legs on your shoulders like she took up yoga

And some bitches be burnin, you niggas know the half

If you open up they pussy, you can see the movie 'Backdraft'

She's waitin for you to stick your dick up in her cherry

To put your fuckin ass inside the cemetary

They talk too much, that's why I never date em bitches

Believe me when I tell you that I hate them bitches

But I love em when they suckin on my dick and shit

I bust a nut inside they mouth and they keep lickin it

And when I'm fuckin I leave they clitoris in stitches

My name is Kool G Rap and I'm checkin all you bitches



This is for all you bitches out there in the world

Check it out

This is for you bitches from the other races

Used to be prejudiced, but now you smile in brothers' faces

Your parents raised you on some stay-away-from-niggers-shit

But now you fuck us cause you found out we got bigger dicks

And I remember slavery days when they sold and bought us

Now your little white daughters suck our dick for us

Spanish bitches wouldn't fuck nobody black and shit

Until we started gettin paid from off this rappin shit

Now they suckin on our dicks and callin us papi chulo

And teachin us Spanish ??? bitcha ??? culo

Puertorican men get mad when niggas fuck they women

Can't stand the sight of seein a black dick goin up in em

But I ain't with discrimination, that's that wack shit

I could care less if you was purple and fuckin a black bitch

So if she lets your ass, go 'head and get some sex from her

God gave her the pussy, she can sleep with whoever the fuck she wanna

The first time I saw some niggas with some chinese bitches

I asked myself a question: where the fuck they find these bitches?

But then I had to learn that the money talks

And when your ass is broke, any honey walks

But fuck a hindu bitch, no, I won't be in a hurry

Because I know that bitch's pussy smells like fuckin curry

From the one that brought you Road To The Riches

My name is Kool G Rap and I'm checkin all you bitches

(Break a bitch neck

Meanin break a woman's neck

Because she's a bitch?

It's sick, this is sick

It's gotta stop

It's psychics talkin shit)

(Rap - it sucks

It hate it

It's just - you know

Niggers talkin

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