Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - Cars lyrics

<Polo: Yo yo that look like G Rap over there?

Marley: Yo that is

P: Funky! That抯 him in his new Alfa Romeo

M: Yo that is real real fonkee, yo yo what up, G Rap?

G Rap: Yo yo what up niggas?

M: Yo what up man? You big, you抮e big, nigga! Yo...

G: Got to fly my line on effect

M: Word up, yo your phone in there too? Yo I know he抯 chilling

Yo I just got the AMG kit on mine and it抯 funky, funky, funky, funky

G: Word KMGD?

M: Word

G: How much it run you?

M: Yo man, two G抯

All: What? Word?

M: Word up man

G: Gotta play kid

M: You know it

P: All I got is a little Benz, man, I don抰 know...

M: Naaah! He try to be fly

Yo G Rap how you feel about how girls just be on yours

Cause you got a fonkee car?>

A convertible Porsche is what I抦 striving to drive

DJ Polo of course, drives a ride that抯 live

With a AMG kit, in his pockets a mitt

And if you try to steal his shit, by a pitch you get bit

But yo one day you will see me in a fly Lambourghini

On my way to the beach picking up girls in bikinis

I抦 a hip-hop star and yo I抦 bound to go far

And all the girlies jump right on it

When you drive a dope car

<G Rap: Yo Polo man, let抯 call up Marley up on this car phone though

Polo: Yo word, yo why don抰 you dial it, man?

Operator: Your call cannot be completed at this time

The mobile customer you have dialed may have reached a destination

Or traveled beyond the service area

Please try again later

P: Yo G Rap, yo man, Marley抯 never in his car

G: Yo word man yo we just gotta catch the brother in his other...

Dope car (x3)


Dope car>

Yo I see cars driving by me looking milky and shiny

Tires made from Pirelli getting all of the heinies

Now a few of my friends they drive a Mercedes Benz

All the seats are stitched and hemmed, MCM and gold rims

The people are looking, all the ladies are hooking

All the cops get shooken, suckers?girlfriends get tooken

Candy-apple Corvette, Benzy Boss in effect

And you know you get respect cause they抮e breaking their necks

To see your car

<The dope car (x2)

Yo, cars

The dope car

Dope cars>

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