Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - Can't Stop the Shine lyrics


Don't you know that G Rap's straight thuggin

And you know you can't stop the shine

[Kool G Rap]

Uhh, uhh

Kool G Rap, Underworld, Illville

(Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do?)

Whattup, whattup, whattup

Uhh, uhh

Daddy Bigbucks, got the forty-five cal' tucked

Giovanni style tux, see the Cristal erupt

Be up at the bar what? Diamonds, carved and cut

The sluts get starstruck wonder if the car's what

the new BM, rimmed up, the Navigator truck

Feet be like skinned up in only gator stuff

For fly mami get hemmed up, she got the Jada cuts

These cats pushin they lens up, they can't hate enough

They countin what I spend up, already made enough

to live plush, you must eat out a fat plate of mush

Got what you lust, the Bulgari smothered with slush

Yours covered with rust, diamonds studded with dust

Mine flooded with crush, rides big as a bus

Thirty-two plus, what can you and your crew do to us

but look in disgust, plot to seize the shinin sea

From coppin the V-T-W-E-L-V-E

Pissed off at G's but we don't believe in knockin knees

We cock and squeeze, and leave some shit shot and breeze

Attractin these chicks mixed, black and japanese

And slappin these nitwits, with fat stacks of G's

Bag your rat, she should lack, grabbin the back of threes

On her knees, see more semen than all the seven seas

She goldminin, lookin for new fashion designin

Rings with rocks blindin cause my world started shinin, uhh

Chorus: missjones and G Rap

[mj] Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do?

[GR] When you see mines and can't stop the shine

Sippin wine from up a little grapevine

Too much ice up on the wrist to tell the time

[mj] Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do?

[GR] When you see me up in the 6 with a dime

Yeah, chicks of all kinds, mad concubines

Will you cock the nine and sneak me from behind?

[Kool G Rap]

My jet leaves, down to the beaches in the West Keys

With jet skis, only sex G's, with S-E's

and Lex G-S-3's, cheese to bless G

Baguettes be the ice makin my neck and chest freeze

Vietnamese, Tibetan G's with wet beads

in sets of three, breasts in 3-D that slept with me

The sexy, beauty of the week of the ? G's

Bangladesh G's, on the other side of the Red Sea

The lefty, sippin Remi inside the Pepsi

Jew-els shinin, holdin down what you fell behind in

Mink shit with silk linin, penetrate right through

your hymen, handle a nine like I'm Lex Diamond

Organized crimin, bank rolls yeah we get those

Fly clothes, slip those, spot foes then we hit those

The whole click glow, click the sickoes

with the chick-o's, hit the ones with the six-oh's

Hollow tops spit those, let the dough pile

Leave no profile, drama wild leave you layin Castellano style

with ? llama cows, whole click be kinda wild

On a mission, get the death kiss end up missin

Chorus w/ variations to end

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