Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - Bad to the Bone lyrics

I'ma smile while I give you the dial tone

Eatin shrimp and girls I be pimpin

Walk like I'm limpin this brother ain't simpin

Not to mention I'm winner of Mack Daddy conventions

I get a lot of attention

Sleepin in sheets that's made of satin

with one of my money makin honies she's mixed Spanish and Latin

She's a fly type of swinger

Twenty carats on her fingers, minks on every coat hanger

In a highrise, made for only fly guys

With a size that attracts the ladies eyes

Keepin the stash and the cashflow

Profile's kept low, more dough than Barry Manilow

Fly cars, I got diamonds in jelly jars

To earn respect, collectin bar fight scars

Slick talkin with a chick when I'm walkin

Midnight stalkin, all the suckers be hawkin

And I max while you be waxin your Cadillacs

Smooth as a fax, but I can cut you like an axe

Big spender, cause I'm a winner like Bruce Jenner

I burn all beginners and let em simmer like a TV dinner

On the phone cause I'm hard like stone

Holdin my own, cause I'm bad to the bone

I'm gettin cash and, ladies receive my passion

Parties I'm crashin with a flashy type of action

On stage, I kick outrageous

And I enslave the bravest, more diamonds than Sammy Davis

I'm more dramatic than _Dallas_ is

More pretty than a palace is, hands no callouses

Give me a clever girl and I'll outfox her

The man that rocks her in pure silk boxers

So what you want honey a chump or a champ?

Visa or food stamps, Latins or lamps?

I run the game like Sega

Go to war like Noreaga, hit like Schawrzaneggar

Excitin when I'm fightin I'm frightenin

Stick chicks slick in quick like greased lightning

Ladies I'll love you all tomorrow like Annie

And I bet you'll all leave with wet panties

Cause I can make a eighty yard dash come back fast

Wrap rappers all up in the back, like a jackass

Police wanna harass me

Cause I got all the material that has me lookin jazzy

The MC patroller

Pockets so fat, I flat em down with a dough roller

Dead zone when I strike the microphone

G. Rap's known, cause I'm bad to the bone

I never needed a helpin handin

I'm outstandin, type of guy, girls never abandon

And when I'm rollin with force, three across your belly

Knockin suckers out the box like I'm playin skelly

Cause I pull out the .45 if you offend me

And leave the barrel of it smokin like a chimney

Rhymes are dynamic, voice is titanic

Gigantic, suckers get frantic and then panic

A smooth talker, cause I'm a Queens New Yorker

My rhymes bring more Good Times than Jimmie Walker

A bumrusher, cause I'm a crusher of hardrocks

When I turn thirty, I'll still be dirty as Redd Foxx

Try to cope, what I wrote, get a sore throat

My lyrical notes float like sailboats

I keep it steady for the petty sucker rappers I'll be ready

I got more bodies than Frank Netti

Battles I win em cause I send em to hell when I begin em

Because I put it in em like a venom

Discover the toughest rap brother you ever seen

Not a fairy, but milky like the Dairy Queen

Movin around like a smooth choreographer

Posin my hoes in all clothes for the photographer

On video, show I makin your girlfriend moan

Cause I'm bad to the bone

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