Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - A Thug's Love Story (Chapter I, II, III) lyrics

[Kool G Rap]

I know this chick, yo mami is rich, she push a six

Living some bloodshed, her man is pushing bricks

Crib way out in the sticks, they house looking slick

It's like some shit straight out of a Hollywood flick

Me and my clique met the chick up at Saint Nicks

Honey was thick, I was the first nigga to kick

Yo mami was thick, silk skirt with thigh split

I couldn't quit, trying to peep out the privates

The live shit, you know how loose I get

I'm scheming on her back, peeping her hips, fiending to hit

Plump cherry lips, medium tits, Chink eyes her baby hair chick

The type you want to pair with, have an affair with

? flip me the digits, to the hip and the phone flip

Said she had to split, hopped in the whip, headed up the strip

Probably had to get with her man and shit

Later on at night, I'm stressing love at first sight

Some ain't right, I ain't the type of cat like me

to be dealing with mad feelings

And even though mami was mad appealing

Body revealing and big wheeling

This shit is illin, I don't like it

Fuck it, I can't fight it

I reaching for the cordless to call Miss

I insist to get with this

Tan Tone answer the phone, "Hello, who this?" (chick)

"It's me baby, G Luciano, what up lady"

"Fine and how you doing boo" (chick)

"Ain't nothing new but you, angel, yo why don't you swing through

"we could sip on some champagne from Spain boo"

About an hour or two she came thru, fly hairdo

We link, push in the six circle circle drink

To purple mink, had mad bank, Chanel bag full of Benjamin Franks

More ices than a hockey rink, face of a Saint

Went for a drink ? Hot shots

Would wanna spend those five digit o's, on bimbo's

Bar closed, back to her six double o, she drove

My eyes closed her nigga dozed, when I awoke

Saw mad snow, we at her spot at the Poconos

Bridge robes, crib hot as a stove

She changed out of her clothes, put on a silky bath robe

Panty hoes with see thru holes, pretty toes

Took me into the master suite, shit was sweet

Jacuzzi four feet deep, with satin sheets

As I was speaking to this half black/latin freak

Met on a Manhatten street, body petite, fat on the cheeks

I was getting open, started laughing and joking

We weed smoking, stroking, the shorty's spoke and

Said what the deal is, the realness

My man is crazy as Bruce Willis

If he catches us, he'll try to kill us

He got a whole army of Kiiers

Me no worry, I got the clapper son

End of the first verse, chapter one


Shit is real in the field

Thug love story

[G. Luciano]

So here I am

Laid up in this lavish house, up in the Poconos

With this chick I don't even really know

Steady stressing me how ill her man is

So what I go and do, heh-heh, I nail her ass to the bed anyway

Straight twisting mami's back out

Hit three o'clock, fell right the fuck to sleep

Clothes still on, breath smelling like Henrock

Totally no kind of regards for this bitch's man

I guess it's just another one of those G Rap adventures

[Kool G. Rap]

The next day about a quarter to eight

I heard a squeek on the staircase

Got the gat from under the pillow case

Somebody broke in, now me and boo fully awoken

Good thing I slept inside my clothes and shorty was frozen

I'm waiting for a head to poke in, and start smoking

The home invasion, right through the door, he started blazing

Bullets was grazing, shit was crazy and

I had to think to fast, let the gun blast, duck, then dash

Heard a crash, they broke through the door, they on her ass

Jumped off the balcony like a falcon Gee

With honey right in back of me, feel on top of the snow in agony

Shit was thick, couldn't get to the six, they loaded the fifth

Saw the snowmobile yo fuck it

We start jumped it, get on top of the shit and peeled

Mad soldiers out in the field, busting they steel

The raw deal, kill or be killed, shit is real

Ten hit me right on my heels, trying to make a thugs blood spill

In zero degrees, niggas on skis, me and these Gees

Slipping through pine trees, we skid up behind these

Two big rocks and left off shots, about four dropped

The other six started to pop, I feel something hot

I think I got hit, my jacket is ripped

Loaded my last clip then broke out quick and checked the chick

She on my back tighter than shit, like vise grips

I started clapping, niggas rolled up in blowing black and

Spotted this Rover by a log cabin, we got our as in

Mash the gas, make the fucking wheel spin

The safety again, and still doing a hundred and ten

Shorty shivering, lips quivering, ski suits up in the back seat

Pulled over the Jeep get it in

And took a rest stop at the river bend

We living, we made it the fuck out, mad slugs delivering

Pretty soon we at my rest piece, up in the bedroom

Got shorty boo tending my bullet wound

Put on some tunes, she blew my shit like a balloon

Up in the moonlit room, and dicking her womb

Hitting full behind her, grinding her with my anaconda

She rode the dick like a honda

I took her to the point of no return like Bridgette Fonda

She back spasmed, giving the crazy orgasm, from steady rhythm

My dick glistened, her lips hit'em, I shot jism

Then laid back in the sack and lit the ism

I thought about the realism

Niggas coming and bring they steel with them

I got just the thing to deal with them

Nickel plate Mac, the laser attached, with two clips packed

Push a niggas whole head back, so I snatched that

So quick spread out and play the layout

Still on alert, me and the skirt, day in and day out

[G. Luciano]

Yo what's the matter mami, you scared or something?


I'm a little worried baby

[G. Luciano]

Yo, don't be worried about nothing, alright

Everything is gonna be alright



[G. Luciano]

Look, we just gonna go to your house, go get the money

You know, we gonna get your backs or whatever

And we gonna get out of there, alright?


Alright, ven paca papi, dame un besito

[G. Luciano]

Alright, grab that bag money


Let's do this, baby

[Kool G. Rap]

After three whole days of lamping, we broke camp and

Went out to the beach, many mansions out in the Hamptons

Brung the clamp, ready to shoot shit up at random

Five hundred grand is buried in the sand

We planning, up in the crib-o with big windows, I'm counting the dough

She packing her clothes, had her Lexus in the back of the Rolls

I saw the keys, I grabbed the G's, we on and took those

Shit was sitting on some chrome momo's

Tinted windows, a LS Ford double O

Told the chick, yo you moving to slow

Speed it up baby, we got to go

And get this plane and hit the Caymans

With the payment, somebody came in

A platoon of goons with heaters aiming

I drew the Mac 10 and started flaming, they did the same and

Slugs spraying and blood raining, I left about seven thugs laying

But this one cat was gaining, he grab the dame and

Put the heater to the chicks brain and

I let my two guns drop, they got the drop

They took us both to a boat dock, then on a yacht

The chick's man was there with a sixteen shot

Nigga was hot, took the glock and hit me dead in my knot

Honey started to panic and yelling that money in spanish

Thinking he's out to take advantage

So we're out in the fucking Atlantic

With no lifesavers and stranded

Backhanded the chick on the floor, called her a whore

Said, "amor you won't be pretty no more"

Took us on a tour, down in the deck

Guess he wasn't ready to kill us yet

Saw this nigga there, holding the Tec

Ready to wet, I'm started to sweat, a niggas stressed

We up beside a horrible mess

I saw a box with the letters on it S.O.S

So I took out a flare gun and shot the kid in the chest

Took the Tec from out his hand, now I'm ready to bless

The madness, put the rest of them niggas to rest

Looked around, the chick's man was the only one left

Threw his ass over board and told him hold your breath

Caught my breath, I seen honey down on the deck

Eyes closed with a bullet hole dead in her breast

Held her in my arms till her soul finally left

I'm mad depressed, my baby was an innocent death

A real thug lost the only women he loved

And I bugged, busting slugs at the stars above


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