Kitchens Of Destinction

Kitchens Of Destinction - When In Heaven lyrics

When Marilyn Monroe woke up in heave,

She had everything she'd need

For the perfect day, the perfect man takes her walking

Where no-one can stare.

She goes shopping and finds the

Perfect clothes to wear for the perfect sleep.

But down here,

We're dreaming of cures, and drinking well tonight.

Forgetting all our sorrows,

Put away or fights

Until tomorrow comes around.

We sit in the pub waiting for the clubs to open.

We will be safe tonight and not wake up next to strangers,

Thinking I killed the one I loved.

He's drinking slowly, he's got a hangover

And a smoked up chest that's

Too too too tight.

I dream on...

Imagine what could happen after this drink I'm wearing wings.

Join Lauren Bacall float up to heaven's gate.

Wearing danger smiles. She'll meet with the stars,

They'll break down doors.

Those shining pearls float off in space.

I'm raving beautifully.

When Marilyn Monroe woke up in heaven

She had everything I'd need.

When I go to heaven and stand shivering before this god,

I'll try some complaining, "why that little tiny trick?"

Give me the pearls of love,

Of wisdom and of smiles.

Give me another chance,

A beautiful set of wings in Heaven.

When I wake up in heaven.

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