Kitchens Of Destinction

Kitchens Of Destinction - On Tooting Broadway Station lyrics

On Tooting Broadway station

I knelt down and wept.

My hands hit the concrete floor

Until my fingers bled.

I will cut him out of my heart,

I will leave these tears in pools.

Tripped over these pourings, tripped over his feelings,

I've cut him out of my heart.

Burn, burn is clothes,

Burn everything he owns

And the empty chamber left.

I'll carry around as this hollowness

That drags in my voice.

Burn, burn it all,

Burn, burn it all.

Benedictory fire, blessing out the burns.

On Tooting Broadway station

I lay down and slept.

The concrete for a pillow,

Fingers in bandages.

I cut him out I lie here dry.

I unstiched the bindwork of love.

Burn, burn his clothes...

Burn, burn it all...

My John of Arc...

Burn, burn it all...

Give me the charred heart,

Give me his fillings.

And God, give me God to forgive me.

Burn, burn it all...

My John of Arc, fire fire

My John of Arc,

Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire

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