KIRSTY MACCOLL - Wrong Again lyrics

I feel empty, I feel deceived<br>You shouldn't have done that to me<br>I was fine till you came along<br>I'd grown used to being alone<br>But you made love to me and then<br>I hoped it might happen again<br>And now you tell me you love someone else<br>And that life's too complicated<br>And you throw me a cliché like we'll still be friends<br>Well mister, you're wrong again<br><br>Cause my friends are people who love me<br>Not like you, not like you<br>And they try to take good care of me<br>They wouldn't hurt me like you do<br>Will I ever get smart, once again I'm the fool<br>To let you be so unnecessarily cruel<br><br>And now you tell me you love someone else<br>I was just light entertainment<br>Did you think you would cause me no pain? <br>Wrong again, wrong again<br><br>I thought my karma might protect me<br>From any harm you might subject me to<br>That my heart could be ruled by my brain<br>Wrong again<br>So you took a little piece of me<br>Laid me open for the world to see<br>But if I meant so little to you<br>Why couldn't you just leave me be? <br>It wouldn't have made so much difference to you<br>But it meant the whole world to me<br><br>And now you tell me you love someone else<br>You were thinking of her all along<br>So you thought my intentions were roughly the same<br>Wrong again, wrong again<br><br>I might not have minded if I'd been prepared<br>I wouldn't have felt such rejection<br>But your heart's not as free as you promised me<br>And you've realised on closer inspection<br><br>So now you tell me you love someone else<br>You were thinking of her all along<br>You assumed that I knew all the rules of the game<br>Wrong again, wrong again

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