KIRSTY MACCOLL - Titanic Days lyrics

(kirsty maccoll/mark e. nevin)<br><br>I just know<br>Though I can't see<br>But I can feel his hands all over me<br>His hot breath on me<br>I can't resist<br>His rope, my wrists<br>I never knew there might be days like this<br><br>Dream on he says<br>Dream on he says<br>Will I be saved<br>From these titanic days<br><br>A violent frenzy<br>In a none too cheap hotel<br>He says it's hazy<br>But I remember it so well<br>His arms, his face<br>The way my words got twisted out of place<br><br>Dream on he says<br>Dream on he always says<br>It's sink or swim<br>In these titanic days<br><br>So hot so hungry<br>So faretheewell goodbye<br>I got so angry<br>Now I sit here and sigh<br>My love, always<br>We should rejoice in these titanic days<br><br>Dream on he says<br>Dream on he says<br>Will I be saved<br>Will I be saved<br>Dream on he says<br>Dream on he says<br>Do you ever get that sinking feeling?

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