KIRSTY MACCOLL - Golden Heart lyrics

I'm so alone now<br>Turn to stone now<br>Won't someone free me<br>Love me or need me<br>Surrounded by lovers I stand apart<br>Won't someone hold me<br>When I am lonely<br>Let the sun shine on my golden heart<br>Music's playing<br>I'm still praying<br>Venus made me<br>Eros betrayed me<br>Instead of love's arrow<br>He used a poison dart<br>So if you could love me<br>Take good care of me<br>You'd take this spell off my golden heart<br><br>I used to dance and<br>I knew romance till<br>A dagger of glass tore my world apart<br>But if you could hold me<br>When I am lonely<br>I'd love you back with a golden heart

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