KIRSTY MACCOLL - Chemistry Tonight lyrics

Chemistry tonight

Pete glenister,

Simon climie &

Kirsty maccoll

No rain but I felt the thunder

You came and my ship went under

With a white light shattering the night

As you smiled like you do

I could take evasive action

But I need the satisfaction

And I know, oh

I could learn a lot

From someone like you

Who knows what will happen

I'll keep my fingers crossed and

Hope for some reaction

Here goes, it's chemistry tonight

My eyes are open

All the electricity seems right

I can feel a change in me

It's chemistry tongiht

I know that I'm onto something special

Writing on the wall in neonlight

Telling me it's got to be

It's chemistry tonight

You turn and you look

Right through me

You know what you're

Doing to me

Very slow, oh I just can't erase

This smile from my face

I'm sure we could be terrific

So pure that it's scientific

¡®cos it's true, oh everything

We do falls right into place

Can't wait for the darkness

I'm lying in the bath

I turn on my radio

I know, there's chemistry tonight

My eyes are open . . .

One kiss and you start a fire

One sip from your loving cup

Can take me high

My body's burning up

When you do like you do

I feel silent somehow

Feel you closer now

We may discover something

Maybe, it's chemistry tonight

My eyes are open . . .

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