(kirsty maccoll)<br><br>I've been the token woman all my life<br>The token daughter and the token wife<br>Now I collected tokens one by one<br>'til I've saved enough to buy a gun<br>Now you can't get even but you can get mad<br>And it's not funny no and it's not sad<br>It's just a feeling that I've always had<br>Oh look out world I'm about to be bad<br><br>I want a brief encounter in a stolen car<br>A hand on my buttock in a spanish bar<br>I want to meet the man who wants to go too far<br>For a token of my affection<br>I want to taste excitement<br>Smell the danger<br>Get swept off my feet by the perfect stranger<br>I want to try something that I've never had<br>Oh look out world I'm about to be bad<br><br>I've been an awful woman all my life<br>A dreadful daughter and a hopeless wife<br>And I've had my eye on that carving knife<br>Oh you've been lucky so far<br>I'm not crazy no I'm just mad<br>I don't want to be sorry<br>No I want to be glad<br>It's just a feeling inside that I have always had<br>So look out world I'm about to be bad

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