KIRSTY MACCOLL - Am I Right lyrics

I want so much to do so well<br>I've tried too hard till I can't tell<br>Am I right? <br>I ask you now, am I right? <br><br>I'm asking an opinion<br>If you've got one will you give one<br>Am I right? <br><br>You say that I should change because<br>You want the girl I never was<br>Am I right? <br>A waste of time, am I right? <br>Come on out and say<br>I'm not the girl you want today<br>Am I right? <br><br>Am I right? <br>Am I right? <br>Am I right? <br>Am I right? <br><br>Tonight my insecurity has really got a hold of me<br>I'm begging you baby, tell me it's alright<br>Am I right? <br>Am I right?

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