Killing Heidi

Killing Heidi - Weir

"English translation"

wamekiau neko to inu wo mite waratta

sabishii noni naze sunao ni nakenai no

akirameta anata no

tameiki wo taguriyoseru

"I watch the dog & cat who are yelling at each other and laugh

Although I'm lonely, why can't I cry straight out?

You gave up

& draw in your breath"

* I wish you had stayed here for 5 more minutes

I was about to say "I forgive you"


futari dake no kotoba moteamashite naita

anata ga inai to omoide wa uso ni naru no

tomatta mama no tokei

sukoshi dake makimodoshite

"Our words were too much for me & I cried

When you're not here, the memories become lies

Just rewind the clock that stopped a little bit"

* repeat

kono machi de deai

futari de sodateta nanman jikan wo

tatta 5(go)fun de bou ni furu nante

baka na hanashi desho

"We meet in this town

The tens of thousand of hours we have had together

In just 5 minutes, we screw it up

It's probably because of a stupid conversation"

* repeat

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