Killing Heidi

Killing Heidi - Kettle guitar tab

Author/Artist: Killing Heidi

Title: Kettle

Album: Live Cold At Chapel Concert

Transcribed by: Tony Crouch


I transcribed this from the Killing Heidi "Cold Live at the Chapel"

This is quite different from other version (So Ella Says)

because they've punked it up alot.







GMaj7 C9

This is the Intro and Verse Progressions,

For the intro it's repeated once, while for the verse it's repeated

about 5 times.







Am7 C Am7 C CMaj7 Am7 C

This is the Pre-Chorus progression, notice the really pretty sounding

Maj7th chord.

Then you do the verse,

Then you do the Pre-Chorus,

Then you do the intro,

Then there's a droning muted guitar solo,

(Just play around on the B string around the 3rd and 5th frets!)

Then there's another verse (Kick in Distortion here)

Then another Pre-Chorus,

Then another Verse,

Then there's another guitar solo (Identical to the first one!)

Then there's a really, really fast verse to finish the song on a high.

That should just about do it.

Bye for now,

Feel free to email if you have any comments.

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