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Familiar voice filling the quiet room quivers in telling discourse
Crawling inside my head reviving me with trth it joumeys back to long before
When we were best of friends in private school
You sat by me in study hall
Those summer nights spent out at Sandman Dune dancing with fairies until dawn Sadie
I was afraid to speak the truth About a thousand times I dreamed of holding you that wasn't right Sadie Please believe me Sadie surrounded by a force
I'm drowing in remorse forgive me Sadie
You couldn't wait to tell me how you felt (come back) five years of self-deception laspsed
There were some guys but no one could make your heart melt you held on hoping I'd collapse (what?)
If I can hear you speaking clasp your hand beacuse you need to know i'm there?
Oh Sadie "don't you leave I really must demand Althought this life can be unfair"
You only failed to see my youth and then the lights through swollen eyes now thanks to you
I've become wise Sadie please fogive me
Sadie I couldn't let you see how much longed to hold you near me Sadie please believe me Sadie surrounded by a force I'm drowing in remorse forgive me Sadie
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