Kentucky Headhunters

Kentucky Headhunters - Jessico guitar chord

Jessico--The Kentucky Headhunters

written by Young/Phelps/Kenney/Martin/Young

From the album "Songs from the Grass String Ranch"

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INTRO: G (pick then stop) G D C D G



Jessico, don't ya know, you're the stars in our eyes

C Cadd9 D G

You're the rhythm and the blues and the tears that we cry


Jessico, don't ya know, that you've come as no surprise

C D Cadd9 D G

And you'll dance away with all the pretty girls tonight

Em D

He was raised up right, straight from the dollar store

Em C D

He worked for every nickel and he knew what they were for

Em D

He dropped them in the jukebox as he danced across the floor


Fire flew from his tap shoes as the crowd called out for more




One day the lawmen came and they took away his shoes

Locked him behind the big wall cause he wouldn't hear the news

The times they are a changin' but Ol' Jesse never will

Jessico and Elvis will always own the hills


Jessico don't ya know that you come as no surprise

And you'll dance away with all the pretty girls tonight, yeehaw


G 320033

D xx0232

C x32010

Cadd9 x32033

Em 022000 (you can hammer on Em7 = 022030 for extra flavor)

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